Emirates A380 Business Class

Emirates A380 Business Class

Arriving from the Qantas transfer bus I made my way towards the Emirates check in counters so I could have a printed boarding pass as well as grab an express card so I could clear customs and immigration ASAP so I could maximise my time in the Qantas first lounge. For Sydney airport on a Monday morning at 07:20 AM I was from check in to lounge under 8 minutes which was a God send.

This trip was planned instantly as my friend asked if I wanted to tag along on his status run to which I didn't hesitate to say no. One of those random last minute fun trips thrown at the very last moments because I had a day off work which happened to fall on his status run day which panned out to be such a fun day of lounging and flying. 

Arriving from the Qantas transfer bus I made my way towards the Emirates check in counters so I could have a printed boarding pass as well as grab an express card so I could clear customs and immigration ASAP so I could maximise my time in the Qantas first lounge. For Sydney airport on a Monday morning at 07:20 AM I was from check in to lounge under 8 minutes which was a God send. 

After a few glasses of Taittinger and breakfast dishes it was time to walk off my breakfast and stroll down to gate 57 which is quite a hike away from the lounge depending on how fast you walk. I arrived just in time as the call for elderly, passengers with assistance, parents with children who look 19 and first, business and status passengers to board.

I was queued in the right lane which climbed slightly as the aerobridge led me up to the upper deck upon angels in red hats to where they directed me to turn right into my seat of 7A. Having never been on the Emirates A380 business cabin, the sight of the faux wood and seat was wow and eye popping as I gazed around the cabin and it amazed me how far business class stretched down the fuselage. I was like a excited child in a candy shop.  

The view of the Business class cabin and wow, what a sight to take in. 

As I tried to settle into my seat I noticed the mini bar towards my right which was stocked with a bottle of Perrier sparkling, Evian still, juice,  two soft drinks and a glass tumbler. The entertainment/ seat control tablet is removable but it's locked in place for takeoff and landing. On top of the mini bar was a storage compartment which had an eyeshade and sock pack pre loaded in a foil pack.

The view of the literature rack and entertainment screen. 

The footrest which is really comfortable, it makes a real big difference to comfort in the upright position. Under the screen a hidden pocket can be found full of magazines, aircraft safety card and sick bag. There is ample space under the footrest to store a small messenger bag or shoes. 

Under the large double windows towards the left of the seat are two storage compartments which come in handy to place your inflight go to items or even the blanket in there. Just make sure you remember to take the items with you when you leave. If the seating space isn't enough then you always have the alternative of the overhead space. 

A menu was pre placed on the seat and the food offerings on todays flight of three choices of breakfast which consisted of a Cheese and chive omelette, scrambled eggs or a gingerbread french toast. 

As I calmed down and settled into my comfortable seat a crew member came and greeted me with a offer of orange juice, water or a glass of Moet champagne, I decided to stick with a glass of water which became my secondary option as I prioritised the glass of bubbles as I sat in my seat. 

Followed by the glass of Moet I was offered a really hot scented hand towel that would of burnt my face off which had steam emitting from it as I held it by a corner just to let it cool for a few seconds until I used it. 

Blanket, pillow and headphone awaits on the seat.

A view of the comfortable seat which converts to a fully flat bed. There are two USB ports, a universal charging port, the headphone 3 pin jack, light and IFE remote if you're slightly lazy to reach for it.  

You get two windows per window single seat which comes with automatic paper shades which has that slightly oriental touch when in use. 

I managed to finish off my glass of Moet and it wasn't left too long before a proactive crew member picked it up along with the used hand towel as cabin preparation for take off began. I didn't even notice the big beast push back until the sights of nearly aircrafts began getting further in the corner of my eye. The safety demo began on screens in Arabic followed by English as we continued our long taxi towards the active runway. 

Cabin crew be seated for take off and a minute after the beluga whale... I mean airbus began to glide down the runway as 560,000 kilos of people, cargo, metal and all parts used to hold the beast together began to slowly leave the tarmac. 

On my screen I had the tail camera and it's always amazing to watch the climb of the aircraft and the moment the while fuselage punctures through the clouds as we make turns towards Christchurch. 

Swimming amongst the clouds. 

Ding, the seatbelt sign has been extinguished and the curtains have been drawn, it's time to explore the seat as I put it into full flat which was really comfortable as I gazed up towards the ceiling and vents thinking what a great experience it's been so far.

A few seconds later I had my seat back in the upright position as I had another glass of champagne and placed my breakfast order, the crew were really friendly and I couldn't resist saying no to a champagne breakfast.  

My flute was empty and feeling restless and looking for bubbles I made my way towards the shared bar at the back of the cabin.  It was a very light load in Business class today as I looked towards the front of the upper deck. 

By this stage the bar had just been set up with an assortment of fruit skewers, chips, nuts,  an assortment of finger sandwiches and a really well presented selection of alcohol and cocktails on request. The crew behind the bar saw I had an empty glass so the familiar pop of a bottle opening my glass was full as I lazed away into the couch.

After a few drinks with my friend who came down from First I needed to use the lavatory to which I would recommend swaying away from the centre cabin ones and use the one on the left.   

BLVGARI amenities and lotions in the lavatory. 

I recommend this one because it has a window :P  

And here's the view!

Back to the bar and a few minutes later the crew came to tell me that breakfast was ready so the treck back to my seat I waspresented with a rather full looking tray. The meal was nice enough and the chicken sausages were cooked just right which went really well with the oozy cheese and chive omelette. I didn't manage to finish it off as it was a tad too greasy for my likings.  

Cheese and chive omelette. 


Another glass of Moet and indulging in the luxury space of my seat, this can only be Emirates.  

A few sips into the drink the purser came down to converse as we got into quite a deep and meaningful until she said "Since your friend is our only First passenger, would you like to sit in First class to accompany your friend for landing?" Say what? Of course I would with a massive smile on my face I collected my belongings and made my way into the First cabin.

I waved hello to the crew in the galley as they gave me a tour of the cabin, the suites as well as the shower then proceeded to show me to suite 2E to settle and play as the crew poured a glass of 2006 Dom Perignon. 

Cheers from First class. I see why Emirates First class is rated top notch and I'll touch base on this in my next review. 

As I conversed and literally ran a muck in the cabin to the delights of the crew who managed to fill up another glass of champagne as well as offer a tote full of gifts it was time for the cabin to be prepared for landing. A cheeky half top up before the seat was locked into position and a final check up on by the purser, I sat like a good boy in my new seat and played around with seat functions, lighting and cheekily played with the in seat bar. 

The largest damn IFE touchscreen I've seen on board any aircraft so far. The cabin is uber luxurious and I had the tail cam back on for the final moments as we began to descent into Christchurch. 

The business class seat and cabin on board Emirates is truly in a world of its own as it slightly took my breath away upon boarding. I can see how comfortable it would be on a longer flight as the design and space is done really well for passenger comfort. The crew on this sector were fresh, charming efficient and friendly combined with a very luxe premium upper deck cabin the 3 hour flight went by like a blink of an eye.