Eva Air Elite Class

Eva Air Elite Class

I was in the departure terminal and made my way towards the dedicated Eva Airlines check in counters to which there were no queues and was processed very efficiently by ground crew.

I was booked in economy and asked for the bulkhead which was notoriously guarded and only available when asked at the airport to which my agent asked her supervisor to release seat 45C for me. I decided to ask her how much an upgrade to Elite class was to which she said was $430US which had me hand over my credit card as she tore up my economy boarding pass and handed me a new boarding pass with seat 26D. 


The charriot to Taipei.

I made my way through security and to my luck I went in before a massive group of Chinese mainlanders occupied nearly half the hallway behind me. Security clearance took roughly 25 minutes and before I knew it I was inside the new departure terminal which was very impressive and beautiful.  

About to board.

It was near boarding time so I made my way towards gate 154 where people began queueing as ground staff checked boarding passes and policed the priority lanes as I was directed into the zone 1 lane. Boarding commenced a few minutes after as I made my way down the aerobridge and onto the twin aisle boeing past Royal Laurel and into Elite class. 

Row 26. 

I made my way towards row 26, stored my luggage and made myself at home as I watched passengers board and make their way further down south. The seats were comfortable to sit on and had heaps of padding which was desirable for this 13 hour flight.

Twin window seats. 

In seat power and life vests. 

Today I was flying the old Elite class which featured in seat power but no USB outlet. When reclined, the seat had a really short leg rest which made it really awkward and hard to get into a comfortable position to sleep in. I found the best way that worked for me was just to recline the seat back and have the leg rest in neutral position. In comparison with Cathay Pacific's premium seat, their leg rest and seat while reclined was much more comfier and made it much easier to sleep.

The legroom was spacious and sufficient to spread out although theres the IFE box located under seats D&F which restricts legroom.  

Knee space. 

Coat hook and old video screen. 

As I sat in my seat  Zoe began handing out water bottles just before doors closed. I think that having a bottle of water inflight is one of the best things to ensure comfort as well as hydration. I had the seat beside me free to which I like to spread out my items. In the seat pocket were slippers and an amenity kit which contained a lipbalm, body lotion and dental kit which was in a pencil case by Thann.

An announcement in Mandarin and English was announced before one in Vietnamese which caught me by surprise to which I realised that there were many Vietnamese passengers on board which brought a smile to my face, the only airline that spoke Vietnamese that I've flown on was Vietnam airlines. I guess there was a large supply and demand on this route so it's the little things that make a big difference. 

Amenity kit contents. I really like the Thann lipbalm and products which has a very relaxing smell. 

Slippers and great quality headphones were already in the pocket. 

The water bottle.

Heaps of in seat prints which was stored in a plastic pocket. 

Try not to select seats D or F as the IFE box is located underneath the seat infront. 

A video of Taiwan was shown on screen as the twin aisle jet pushed back and taxied out towards the runway, this was goodbye and good night to Los Angeles while Cabin lights were dimmed before we got clearance for take off as the engines ensured we penetrated the sky in a powerful manner. 

The seat belt sign was switched off as Zoe handed out the menu for the flight which also featured Vietnamese. Another flight attendant named Hang followed to ensure she spoke with Vietnamese passengers who were connecting in Taiwan enroute to Vietnam and ensure them she and another Vietnamese colleague were onboard and ready to assist if needed.

 The curtian's separating all classes were drawn as the crew prepared the necessities for the flight. Nuts and a serviette was handed out while crew stocked up the magazine rack on the wall behind row 27. Eva air was charming and my love for this airline was really growing as we began to cross the pacific ocean towards Taiwan, the service was superior and way more attentive than any other Asian airline I've experienced . I studied the menu and locked in my decision to go with the Chinese style items. 

When walking in the economy cabin I noticed that Eva air also had slippers for passengers in economy which made me think highly of this airline, I do enjoy flying with Asian airlines as service and crew are always willing to go the extra mile and the attention to detail is impeccable.

The cabin lights was turned up as meal service began as I sat and waited for Zoe until she arrived at my row and hand me an Evergreen special cocktail before placing down my meal tray. The meal tray was piping hot and substantial for a night flight which was also served in plastic ware. The meal had an extra side dish in comparison with economy which was tasty. 

Pork and funghi salad and stewed beef with daikon, the quality and taste was perfect which went well with the rice. 

Trays were cleared not long after service and I decided to stretch and head to the bathroom before the rush before sleep. There are two restrooms for Elite class and were kept spotless throughout the flight although crew didn't really police the restrooms as passengers from economy used them from time to time which was really inconvenient as we began to approach Taiwan. 

Lotions which smelt really good. 

As I exited the restroom a show of lights began as the moodlighting was switched on in beautiful hues of pink, purple and orange which lasted for roughly five minutes. The moodlighting would randomly come on during the duration of the flight which was entertaining and annoying when it stopped. 

I really, really love moodlighting. 

As I sat in my seat Zoe went by and did a water run so I handed her a order form for inflight duty free to which she handed it over to the flight attendant who was looking after purchases. Even though I didn't get a chance to fly on Kitty a plane model would do for now. 

Zoe walked by and saw I was playing with the figurine so a conversation sparked up between us which she concluded by searching the plane high and low for some memorabilia which turned out to be playing cards, children's toys and a postcard of Eva's flagship 777. 

I suddenly awoken from my nap and went for a walk towards the back of the plane where I could smell breakfast in the oven.  It came to me and I suddenly realised that Eva employs an all female crew, and a matter of fact that my crew on board were all beautiful women. The purser looked flawless as her large cartoon eyes stared a me while she asked me if I wanted anything to which i paused and asked for water, I wanted water to which she giggled as she handed over a bottle. 

Zoe came down soon after and handed me a pink Kitty pen to which she said "I tried my best to find you a Kitty gift" and suggested I head back to my seat as breakfast was about to be served.

A shot from R8 as we enter Asia.

As I return to my seat and begin to tidy up my stuff Zoe walks by and delivers my meal tray before serving the cabin which was a nice gesture as I was starving. I went with the Asian option which was chicken congee and fish floss. The congee was tasty and delicious which had perfect flavour and wasn't too bland or salty. The side dishes were tasty although dinner's sides had more quality and was more filling. 

Trays were cleared for the last time as we got closer to Taiwan, twelve hours of flight time had passed and there was less than an hour to go as the plane came alive. Passengers were shuffling around the cabin and queues for the restroom began. I'd already flipped through three of the magazines in the seat pocket and moved my attention to the magazines at the back of the cabin which was stocked when the seatbelt was turned off.

The ever so familiar descent announcement came on as cabin crew opened the curtains which separated cabins while other crew ensured all seats were in the upright position. An announcement in Vietnamese came over suggesting any passengers who were confused and needed help connecting at the airport to alert staff. Zoe made her way down from the front with a basket of Eva branded candy which she suggested I tried both of them. One was a zesty lemon and other was a herbal minty candy. 

We glided and smoothly touched down into Taiwan and taxied towards our gate. It was a while before the jetbridge connected to the doors so crew once again drew the curtains so passengers could de board by class. Before I could say thank you to Zoe the whole Elite cabin was busy as passengers stood and congested the aisles. Zoe was blocking economy class so I turned around and our eyes caught to which she gave a smile and little nod as a sweet farewell as I made my way towards the Garden lounge. 

I enjoyed my flight with Eva Air as crew and the experience ensured I would continue to fly with them when possible. I believe the crew can make or break a flight and in this instance they made the flight a enjoyable one as 13 hours seemed to fly by ever so fast.