Jetstar StarClass to Saigon

Jetstar StarClass to Saigon

This trip was booked instantly as an impulse decision due to the fact I caught onto a Jetstar family and friend sale which at a return price in StarClass was under $600 sounded like the perfect weekend away for me. This flight would be the 2nd flight after the inaugural flight 2 days prior to which I wanted to be on but due to work commitments I couldn't get the days off so a weekend away was planned with a few friends who flew in from other parts of the world to party. 

By world standards Jetstar is one of the better premium carriers although I find that having low expectations and being realistic of what product you're going to be flying on will give it a more solid journey. Another bonus is combining all the extra's that come along with it such as cheap flights and the use of lounges if you have access.

I got dropped off at the terminal around 12:15PM and headed towards the StarClass lane for checkin which was empty compared to other lines which indicated it would be a nearly full load in economy.  I was greeted and efficiently checked in, handed a boarding pass with a express lane card and directed to the entrance to the international departing gates.

I didn't check in any bags although my ticket allowed me with 30 kilos of checked baggage and made my way towards the Qantas first lounge. It was my first time in this lounge and it was very compact compared to the Sydney one. The lounge was rather empty at this hour as I was shown a table by the window overlooking an Etihad 777 and handed a menu which I ordered a glass of Tattinger to start off with the signature squid and a new favourite of mine which was the mussel brioche. 

I found the calamari to be slightly dry than it's sister lounge but the mussel brioche made up for it as I ordered another round of it which filled me up.

In the time between waiting for my pavlova I asked for a espresso martini to which the bartender got it right on the third attempt. The first one didn't have foam, the second one wasn't garnished and the third was the successor according to Brett who insisted on replacing it until it was right which I declined but he refused. 

The third espresso martini. I only had sips of the other two before Brett stopped me and insisted to replace them.

The signature pavlova really hit the spot as it wasn't overly sweet. I wasn't very fond of pavlova's before but now days I'm enjoying this type of dessert.  

It was nearly time for boarding to commence and as my gate was in the satellite section it would be around roughly five minutes to which I heard "Jetstar flight 63 is now open for boarding" as I made my way down the escalators and turned left for gate 12 where boarding began at 14:35. 

VH-VKF is off to Saigon. 

The Singaporean crew greeted me at the gate as I was directed left through a smaller economy cabin towards my seat of 2G. Each seat had pre set pillow, blanket and amenity kit.

A shot of the cabin

The two seats behind me is reserved for crew rest on longer flights. 

In each seat pocket also had a pair of branded headphones which produced a very decent sound quality. 

The legroom and knee room was good for a day flight. The leather Business class seats can be comparable to premium economy or just below one notch on other legacy carriers. The seat features a retractable footrest with the seat back recline to be slightly comfortable and comfy for resting. Under the middle armrest consisted of 2 universal power plugs to juice up those devices. 

The content of the inflight entertainment had a few variety of movies, tv shows, music and games. Theres also a USB socket built into the console. 

The crew came by introduced and handed me the inflight menu while offering some pre take off drinks off a tray which I selected champagne over orange juice or water. A few minutes later Ryan collected my empty flute and also took with him my meal order.

Choices on what to eat and drink. 

The load in business today had around 11 out of 19 and economy was around 90% capacity from what I could see when visiting my friend later on during the flight. The final door was announced closed as we began pushing back as the crew moved to their safety demonstration positions. 

The mood lighting was in full swing as we had two aircrafts in front of us until we began gaining speed down the runway as the minimal noise engines guided the plastic fuselage towards the blue sky. A few minutes passed until the seatbelt sign was rendered and the crew began preparing and delivering drinks with a packet of mixed nuts and soy crisps. 

The glass of champagne has gotten bigger. 

Around 40 minutes later the crew began delivering dinner trays by hand. I went with the Wushi pork with rice and greens and on the tray was also the appetiser of chicken larb on lettuce which was alternating between passengers. 

The pork was juicy which complimented the rice really well. I was kinda sad that it wasn't spicy as indicated by the two chillies on the menu but was served steaming hot. 

My tray was promptly cleared and champagne topped up as a quick gaze outside to take in the view. 

Champagne and the window. 

I went for a stretch into the galley and struck a conversation with the crew and csm who were excited to be visiting the rapidly growing city of Saigon. I gave them a few recommendations on what to do and eat while they were setting up for dessert so I took the opportunity to get down and personal with the bottle of champagne. 

Quite an alright drop. 

The crew offered some pralines before heading into the cabin so I took this chance to head back for a sweet treat. 

Dessert was done on a tray mobile and consisted of either an Australian cheese platter or a white chocolate and caramel cheesecake. Baileys or a Tawny was also on offer. 

Cheesecake and a glass of Baileys and milk with the support of champagne. 

The first service was concluded as all items were cleared and lights dimmed so passengers could rest. I was feeling rather full from the food over the duration of dinner so a walk into economy to search for my friend and as I found her she was sound asleep so back into my cabin it was. 

A shot of the afternoon sun. 

I managed to squeeze in a movie and eventually dozed off for a solid two hours until the sky was dark as we flew over Indonesia. It always seems to amaze me that a flight seems forever although we only had two hours until landing and began playing a few games and I honestly was quite bored. 

I was back in the galley for another round of chit chat which made time go by a lot quicker as I was back in my seat for supper. 

I had been given the battered fish with mint infused smashed peas which was really nice. The chocolate and raspberry brownie that went with the refreshment was slightly dry for my liking.

I always like the fact that after a second service meant that it was close to descent and that's exactly what happened as our captain announced we would be arriving 20 minutes ahead of schedule which meant more time to party on the other end.

We arrived and waited a few minutes before an aero bridge was connected and could see that ground crew were still figuring out what and how the operation for Jetstar was as I over heard them while deplaning. The crew blocked right side mini economy cabin at doors two while the left side were let off along with business passengers.

Overall a very smooth and enjoyable flight with a low cost carrier in particularly the service and amenities offered which set's itself apart for other competing airlines such as menu, amenity kit and welcoming drinks served in proper glass unlike other low cost carriers or even legacy carriers.