Pullman Saigon Centre

Pullman Saigon Centre

The Pullman Saigon Centre is currently one of the newest five star establishments that has risen recently in the hustle and bustle city of Saigon which is conveniently located in district one on the corner of Tran Hung Dao and Nguyen Cu Trinh road.

Once sat down on the desk I could see that my room paperwork was already waiting as well as my room keys to which I asked to be assigned a higher room from the 19th to the 27th floor which was met with a gracious and most ever charming agent. She asked what time I would like to check out to which we agreed on a 16:30 check out time as I had a flight that was scheduled to depart at 2030 the following day. 

While explaining the benefits of the hotel she suggested I should try out breakfast in the hotel restaurant on the third floor as there was a much larger variety than what the lounge offered which I told her I would try it out in the morning. 

She escorted me towards the elevator and proceeded to take me down to my room and show me around which was really nice of her. The king executive room was really modern, clean and spacious as well as had a heap of universal power points located around the room. 

The room also featured a Ipod dock sound system as well as smart connectivity by Pullman which is an app you can download and control the tv and media of the room via your smartphone. 

The bathroom is an open plan one which has little privacy if you're sharing with colleagues. There is a switch that controls blinds that drop from the ceiling and enclose the space between the bed and bathtub for that little bit of extra privacy if needed. The shower stall and toilet are in separate glass cubicles with frosted glass covering 90% of the glass panel. 

Welcome fruits and a view of the entrance. 

The super comfy king bed and charming bed head decoration. 

The vanity had heaps of space which is perfect for spreading toiletries and miscellaneous items. 

The bathtub. 

Amenities that are on offer in the room are toothbrushes, sewing kit, dental floss and cotton tips. 

The room had plenty of lighting in various locations around the room which could be controlled by a master switch right besides the bed. The cold air conditioning had a very low hum which went unnoticed through out my stay. There was also a daybed besides the large window to sit and gaze at the busy streets below. 

Co Bigelow for Pullman. 

The rain head or hand held nozzle had an incredibly relaxing and strong water flow which I found perfect for washing away the Saigon heat. The dial to operate the water flow on the left looks complicated but all you need to do is turn it left for the rain shower and right for hand held. On the opposite side was a dial to adjust the water temperature with right for cooler and left for hotter. 

Complimentary tea and coffee available for guests, Espresso machine is for executive rooms although why would you touch this when you have a mecca of fresh Vietnamese coffee in the restaurant or in the cafes surrounding the hotel. 

Lights here, lights there, lights everywhere. 

Smart generation of hotel rooms. 

Well light wardrobe with a yoga mat, light weights and your standard bathrobe. 

The following morning I made my way down to level three where Food Connexion was located which I was greeted by warm smiles and directed to a table by the window where I began exploring the food options available. 

There were numerous options available including pho, an egg station, cold cut meats, fried rice and noodles as well as western options of ham, bacon and the usual breads, condiments and a fruit and dessert station. 

A bowl of pho. 

After a large breakfast and slight food coma hit, it was time I decided to head to the pool and relax. The pool was conveniently located on level six which was intimate with a lap pool and a children's pool with beach chairs and plenty of seating scattered around the pool. There's also a bar tucked away for a quick drink as you tan under the Saigon sun as well as the change rooms feature a sauna and steam room. The gym and day spa is also located on the same level.

Swim then tan or tan then swim?

The day of my check out came too soon so I once again I was back in the lounge to check out. I had my car picking me up at 1700 so asked for a further 30 minutes from my already 1600 checkout which was granted without hesitation by the hotel. I had a drink in the lounge while waiting and found that the lounge was a cute and relaxing space to bypass time. There was a little business corner with a pc and printer and on the opposite end of the room was a mini buffet area. 

Comfy couches. 

The view of the city from the lounge. 

Fresh fruits and snacks. 

Drinks fridge. 

After my stay at the Pullman Saigon Center I've come to the decision that it'll be my preferred choice of hotel when I'm in the city. The ambiance and feel of the hotel is truly amazing as well as the staff go out of their way to ensure each stay is perfectly simple and there are no hassles. I would highly recommend the Pullman to anyone to is looking for a hotel in Saigon.