The Imperial Suite Sofitel Melbourne

The Imperial Suite Sofitel Melbourne

The Imperial suite spans over 157 square meters with breath taking and panoramic views over Melbourne business district, the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the beautiful gardens surrounding the city.

If you're staying at the right time, you could most certainly watch the Australian open from your suite with the binoculars, or gaze at the stars... or even into other spaces if that's your thing.

Lounge around and pop open a bottle of champagne as you relax in the double lounge. 

A visible view of the MCG in the background from the lounge room.

The Imperial suite features a butler’s pantry and has a dining table that can accommodate eight people which is strategically placed under a beautiful chandelier if you wanted to throw a dinner to impress guests.

Guests who are staying in the suite will have access to Club Sofitel on level 35 for a variety of daily snacks which doesn’t limit you to breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and evening cocktails if you wanted to reserve a day to feasting and indulging as well as other perks such as complimentary use of meeting space, Wi-Fi internet and lounge check in and out. 

If you do decide to have an all day lounge dining then you'll find the gym located on the 36th floor, which opens from 0600 - 2200 daily, don't blame yourself if you end up gazing at the panoramic views instead of working out. Although the hotel doesn’t have a pool, you'll find that a quick stroll to the nearly Mercure will see you gain access to the pool facilities there. 

A beautiful space and ambience for having dinner or to entertain guests. 

The bedroom has a corner day chair and is ultra sleek and relaxing with soft white and crème tones that compliments the ceiling to floor windows to ensure maximum relaxation while soft white drapes surround the bed to ensure a very private and intimate feel as you drift into a deep sleep on the my Sofitel king bed which will make you question if you want to really get out of bed. 

Read a book or sip a glass of champagne as you take in some sunshine or snooze. 

Space is at a maximum inside the Imperial suite as natural lighting oozes inside the bedroom. 

A smart panel located on the bedside enables you to configure lighting to your lighting inside the suite. There's nothing better in my books than to being able to having full control of room lighting, as I dislike staying in dark rooms with dim lighting. 

I've contemplated on having a pillow fight, as there are plenty of comfy pillows in the suite. There is also a pillow menu which features 6 types of pillows if you're feeling adventurous and wanted to try something new... maybe a therapeutic pillow or even a posture support pillow or why not go all six. 

Pure bliss, luxury and elegance inside the suite, also notice the working desk and chair if you are required to do a bit of work or you can just use as an extra alternative to store your handbag. 

The bathroom itself is an amazing experience and a fantastic use of space that's really big you could almost throw a party in there. It features a dual vanity, dual shower as well as a circular spa tub with views of the MCG. There's also a anti fog TV inside the bathroom so no amount of steam that you... or the bathtub produce will obstruct your views of the TV... if you decide to watch. 

Bath salts are also available as you indulge and shrivel up in your circular spa which is also coated with layers of gold for that extra sense of wow. 

A view on what you're missing if you don't stay here. 

The amenities that feature inside the suite are triple set's of Eau D'orange Verte designed by Hermes which goes inline with the hotel background of French elegance. 

If you are looking for a suite to please, impress or even celebrate a special occasion or just to self indulge then look no further than the Imperial suite at Sofitel Melbourne which will ensure you will leave fully relaxed and have you living like a King.