Vietnam Airlines Business Class to Melbourne

Vietnam Airlines Business Class to Melbourne

A deep conversation made me skip the sterile lotus lounge located in the airport as my friend who worked in the airport expressed me through immigration and customs towards gate 6 - 9 where the Australian flights would be departing from.

The gates where both the Melbourne and Sydney flights will depart from. 

Before I made my way downstairs towards the boarding pen, I opened my bags for a final check  by security officers to which they seemed to have a quick glance and give me the nod to head downstairs to find another sterile waiting area with a small duty free, souvenir and food outlet. There was a few minutes before boarding and I could see the staff who checked me in prior were ensuring proper signage and bollards were in place. 

The sterile waiting area. 

She will be taking me back home today. 

As I glanced around the waiting area, I could see that it would be a medium load with around 150 passengers on the red eye flight to Melbourne. Behind us was the same situation for the VN flight to Sydney, which would be departing 30 minutes after us. A few minutes later the call for boarding was announced with Business, Skyteam Elite followed by economy.

I stood up as I observed ground staff ensure and firmly direct passengers who wern't entitled back to their correct line as staff began boarding Business class passengers. I noticed that a passenger who held Skyteam Elite status who was flying in economy before me was declined boarding until Business class passengers boarded which was welcome change. 

Just before boarding as airport staff notoriously control and police priority boarding. 

Left or right?

Boarding door 1L. 

As I reach door 1L I'm warmly greeted by a charming and young set of crew who show me to my seat and I can already feel this will be a good flight as the vibe and atmosphere of the crew shows they are ecstatic, professional and friendly. 

Twin business seats with pillows and blankets neatly placed. 

A view of the Business cabin. 

Semi noise cancelling headphones are already in the seat pocket. 

Vietnam Airlines colour scheme. 

Flight crew come around the cabin with a selection of drinks including orange and apple juice, water or sparkling wine. I decide to go with sparking wine as the in flight safety announcement was made overhead while we began to push back. A few moments later the flight attendants handed out the inflight menu and an amenity kit as well as a warm hot towel while doing a final cabin check before we begin to push back from the gate. 

Between each seat features the reading light, universal power and USB outlets. 

Amenity kit has been changed from Choppard to Charriol.

Seat control buttons. 

Slippers are provided in each seat pocket. 

The bright cabin lights are faded and soft warm tones of purple and pink begin to calm the cabin as our short taxi concludes and the engines let out a roar as the plane began to accelerate down the runway and  penetrate the night sky. 

Beautiful colours warm the cabin.

As the mood lighting slowly transitioned into an array of pink and purple hues the flight crew began distributing arrival documents into Australia. I took this time to check out the In Flight Entertainment options which is known as Golden Louts Entertainment World which was available in four languages.

I  was impressed with the gorgeous and heart warming interface and surprised at how quick and responsive the touchscreen was.  A variety of recently released movies were available including music, games and children's content. 

The beautiful IFE screen. 

Flight route. 

The flight menu. 

Selections of cocktails available.

Wine list.

The cabin lights are faded on as crew begin commencing the dining experience with personal orders. I decide to change into something more comfortable and seeing as the curtains are still open I decide to go for a stroll into economy.

I head back into my cabin and crew come around and asked what I wanted to eat. I went with the Asian option which saw me have the mango and seafood salad. 

Delicious garlic bread with mango and seafood salad. 

A tropical dawn to accompany my dinner. 

For main course I went with Pho, which I would recommend to be the choice if you went with the Asian option as it was delicious to begin with and was much more appealing and had much more flavour than the rice with seafood. Just to clarify that I didn't have both main courses. It was two different flights which had the same menu. 

Seafood and fried rice - wasn't the best tasting meal I've had. 

Dessert is also conveniently placed along side entree and main which is a Vietnamese sweet pudding of taro and mung beans. 

The crew are really fast end efficient to collect finished meals, hand out bottled water so passengers could get maximum rest as the cabin lights are faded into a dark space. I take this time to head to the galley to ask for a cup of tea and have a little chat before I decided to squeeze in a little bit of rest before the lights were turned on for breakfast. 

I awake to smiling flight crew as they lay the service cloth before serving a very warm Vietnamese breakfast of Chicken congee, a very tasty pandan yoghurt followed by a cup of green tea. 

A nice hot bowl of chicken congee and delicious pandan yoghurt for breakfast. 

A final clearance of the cabin and the pilot announces we will shortly be descending into Melbourne. All window shades are raised as the seats are brought back into the upright position. The crew smile as they pass through the cabin for checks and it suddenly hits that I always seem to hate this part of the journey as it slowly comes to an end at 846KM's per hour as we fly into the state of Victoria. 

Engine shot. 

A few shots of the angled seats. 

Some cloud shadows. 

The purple moodlighting is switched back on as soft and calming music is played while we quickly go into finals before a very smooth and bump free landing into Melbourne on a cloudy day. As we make our way towards a gate the Purser thanks everyone for flying with Vietnam Airlines and wishes us a lovely day. 

The flight was a very comfortable and enjoyable flight to which I think the crew were really outstanding and fresh. The level or energy displayed by the crew really made the flight a memorable and fun one. I would definitely recommend Vietnam airlines as a choice of carrier as they are transitioning into a four star airline. 

A final shot as we arrive into the gate.